Our Story

Science has been telling us for years that we need to exercise caution when it comes to exposing kids to electromagnetic fields, especially when it comes to microwave radiation. This is the reason why we feel that it’s critical to really look at all protective measures for our children, protection and reduction included. Founder of Radiationfreekids realized how serious this issue is when her 7 year old suffered from allergies due to UV rays. After this, an idea popped up into her head to create radiation-free apparels to protect as many kids as possible.

Radiation is a hazard of modern-day living! Sun protection is very important for our children to protect them from skin cancer later in life. The main cause of skin cancer is too much sun, and exposure can be greatly reduced with some form of UV protection. Therefore, we have developed a new technology using fabrics which we have created that will oppose the EMF radiations.

We have made sure that your kids stay safe from radiation!



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